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How I Went From 0-200 Followers on Instagram in 1 Week

Starting and growing a social media account from scratch is not easy. Going from 0 to 200 followers in just one week might sound unbelievable, but it's entirely feasible. I did it and am here to share exactly how I accomplished this milestone. So, if you're eager to jumpstart your social media journey, read on!

0-200 Followers on Instagram in 1 Week
0-200 Followers on Instagram in 1 Week

Day 1

Choosing a Niche

On the first day, it is important to choose your niche. When selecting your niche you should have some goals in mind for what your end goal for the account will be.

  • Do you want to do affiliate marketing?

  • Advertise your website or services?

  • Become an influencer?

  • Or is it just for fun?

Of course, there are many other reasons you may want to start an Instagram account. But you should understand your reasons for starting the account, as this will help in the next steps. For me, my end goal is to drive organic traffic to my website. To do this, I have an initial goal of growing followers within my website's niche. For most people, your initial goal should be to build up your following.

Research Other Instagram Pages Within Your Niche

The next step in my process is to do research on other pages within my niche. You should take note of the type of content that these pages are posting. This will guide you in the type of content you may want to post to gain followers within that type of audience. You shouldn't copy these pages exactly, throw your own spin on it.

Setting Up Your Instagram Account

Day 2

Setting Up Your Instagram Account

The next step is to set up your Instagram profile. You will first need to decide on a name and username. I recommend that your name be two words or less and be easy to spell. Many usernames have already been taken if the username you want is already taken. It is okay to use an underscore between the words.

Next, add a logo to your Instagram. There are many free tools for making quick and easy designs. I recommend Canva for this. Canva has both a free and a paid version, but the free version will be suitable for getting started.

Once you have a logo, then you should add a short bio to your Instagram page. You have a limited amount of characters to use so make your description short and unique.

Decide if you want to have a personal or Business Instagram account. By switching your account to a business account, you can add a link to your bio, and view insights into each one of your posts. In almost every case, you should switch your account to a Business account right away.

Start Making Content

Now that your Instagram profile is set up, you are ready to start making content. It is important to get between 6-9 posts published on your Instagram page before starting the methods in the next steps. Use Canva or another free tool to start designing and making posts. For Instagram photos, the ideal dimensions are 1080x1080 px. This ensures that your entire post is shown and does not get cut off.

Once you have made at least 6 posts, post them all onto your page. Write a short description for each one and add at least 10 hashtags related to your niche and that specific post.

Day 3 Starting to Get Followers

Day 3

Starting to Get Followers

Now that your Instagram is set up, and you have a few posts published you are ready to start getting followers. Gaining followers as a brand-new account is nearly impossible without running ads or doing some of the methods that I am about to tell you about.

Liking Method

The hardest part about starting a new Instagram account with zero or only a few followers is that not many people will see your posts. One way to encourage people to look at your profile and posts is the Liking Method.

One way to do the liking method is to go to Instagram accounts within your niche, click on one of their followers, and like several of their photos. The user will then see this and have a high chance of going to your profile, when they do this, there is a chance that they will follow you or like your posts.

Another method of doi

ng the liking method is to view posts within our niche and look at the comments, like the comments, and even reply to some of them. This is another way to get those users to your Instagram page and start growing it.

Follow/ Unfollow Method

The next method is the follow/ unfollow method. This method is very effective for growing new Instagram accounts. To use this method, go to an Instagram account that is within your niche and follow their followers. After about 1 week, you can then unfollow them.

This method can be risky if you are not careful. Instagram will flag your account if you follow too many Instagram users within one day. For new accounts, don't follow more than 100 Instagram accounts per day. Once your account reaches about a month old, you can up this to 150 accounts per day.

Instagram may also flag your account if you unfollow too many Instagram accounts per day as well. Do not unfollow more than 150 Instagram users per day.

Day 4-7

Post Daily

Instagram Followers Per Day for Days 1-7
Instagram Followers Per Day for Days 1-7

Ensure that you are posting new content daily. For my first week, I did about 4 posts each day. I did different types of posts to see which ones would get the highest engagement. Also, experiment with using different hashtags to see what works best for you. As you begin to notice trends in what gets you the most likes and followers, do more of that type. If you are having trouble with keeping up with the daily post requirements, consider hiring a Professional Social Media Manager to do it for you.

Continue to utilize the like method and Follow/ Unfollow method. The more you use these two methods, the faster your Instagram account will gain followers. Just be sure not to follow more than 100 Instagram users per day to avoid your account getting flagged. By day 7, you can begin to start unfollowing some people. Sort your following list by oldest to newest and unfollow the oldest users first. Just be sure to not unfollow more than 150 Instagram accounts per day.


0-200 Followers on Instagram in 1 Week

By following all these steps you will have a great start in growing your Instagram account to 200 followers by the end of week one. Stay tuned for the next post to grow from 200-1000 Instagram followers.


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